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Friday, June 10, 2011

FoRex SaVings WelCOmes

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FoRex SaVings AcCouNTs

FOREX Bank provide a good rate of interest on the savings.
Just sign up for forex saving account with advantages terms and with that u can save for ur vacation or whatever u want to do.
You can deposit lump sum or save on regular basis and earn interest from the first krona and whenever u want to withdraw the money u can with draw with out any deduction or fees.
To open a account online is very easy with electronic identification. Even a minor can open that account  but the gaurdians must presents ID in personally at FoRex Branch.All the documents must be varified.
FoRex Save is covered by the govt deposit scheme that means if the bank declares bankruptcy, the customer will get back his full holdings which he has in the accounts. Reimbursement Amount  is nearlly upto SEK 500,000. Customer will be paid or he get his money back within 3 months of the day bank declared bankruptcy.Rest you can find through the forex saving accounts scheme.
You can track ur account online as well and can check all the transactions, Even u can transfer to other accounts also.Onlien banking for forex saving is absolutely free.But online banking is only approved or the customer can only get that benefit when he is of legal age.
For more detail u can see forex saving accounts online .

AbOuT Me

My name is ATA. I just want to share my ideas and views about ForEx with everyone. I m new in this field but what ever i have learned in this field i will like to share with everyone. In this blog i will updates the latest news about ForEx and whatever is going on in my surroundings.
Hope u will all will like it. Still if i do some mistakes Pass Ur Comments so that i can rectify what i have done wrong.
So hopefully i will join the party soon.